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A.S. House is moving

A.S. House is on the Move

Facilities Development and Operations began early prep work to relocate A.S. House in January to make room for construction of the new Interdisciplinary Science Building.


Bright Ideas

Jennifer Rycenga, SJSU Humanities Professor

An Early Abolitionist

Humanities Professor Jennifer Rycenga has studied the legacy of 19th century abolitionist Prudence Crandall.

Spartan Pride

Mary Noel, Oak Grove School district school board member

Hope for All Students

Lifelong educator Mary Noel began recruiting high school students to SJSU in the 1960s.


Power SJSU

Takayoshi Oshima, chairman and CEO of Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis Gift

Mineta Transportation Institute receives a $500,000 gift commitment from Allied Telesis, Inc.