Ongoing AANAPISI Activities

Activity 1: Assessment of Writing Support at SJSU

"Based on a successful expansion of our Stretch English pilot program for both Fall 2014 and Fall 2015 semesters, all incoming Fall 2016 freshmen who place in remedial English will be encouraged to enroll in our Stretch English curriculum."

We would like to use roll-over money from this grant to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the Stretch English pilot (AY 2015-2016) and the first year implementation (AY 2016-2017) to determine whether this project leads to better student outcomes. We plan on creating an assessment team consisting of English personnel and an external evaluator who will assess this program.

Activity 2: Collection of additional data on AAPI students' needs and concerns.

 In 2015, we received supplemental funding for a project to conduct focus groups of AAPI students, staff, and faculty at SJSU. We completed the focus group with faculty and staff and also held two large forums with students, faculty and staff.

We would like to use roll-over money from this grant to

  1. conduct 3 - 5 additional focus groups with AAPI students (Underrepresented as well as others) 90 minutes each
  2. conduct 1 additional focus group with AAPI faculty and staff. (90 minutes)

The plan is to do the necessary prep work in the Fall, conduct the focus groups and assessment of Stretch English in the Spring and spend the summer on analysis.