Faculty Writing Workshops


Faculty discuss lesson plans during Faculty Writing Workshop.Dr. Linda C. Mitchell, Professor in the Department of English, and Michelle Hager, Director of the SJSU Writing Center and Lecturer in the Department of English, developed a writing workshop to be presented to select members of the SJSU faculty. The goal of the AANAPISI Faculty Writing Workshop is to improve the quality of writing instruction across the campus.

Two-Day Faculty Writing Workshops

One-Hour Lesson Plans

(created for the Two-Day Faculty Writing Workshop)

Two-Day Faculty Writing Workshop Graduates

One-Day Faculty Writing Workshops

Grab-and-Go Activities

(created for the One-Day Faculty Writing Workshop)

One-Day Faculty Writing Workshop Graduates


Lesson  and grab-and-go activities are free for use in the classroom. 

For more information about the Faculty Writing Workshops or the lesson plans, or to provide feedback, please e-mail Pat Backer