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Late Drop or Withdrawal from the Semester?

If you are dropping ALL COURSES for the current semester, use the petition to Withdraw from the Semester.

Continue attending class during the late drop procedure. For Late Drops submitted through week 13 of the semester, the decision will be sent via a mySJSU message within one week of submission. However, it may take up to three weeks or longer for your approval to show up on your official records. Instructor's signature and submission of the petition do not guarantee approval!

Read the information below before completing a Late Drop Petition:

  • Dropping a class could affect your Financial Aid.
    Students who fail to complete a minimum of 6 units per term may jeopardize their eligibility. Check out the Financial Aid Academic Progress Policies for more information.
  • Avoid Judicial Consequences: Provide Official Documentation from all appropriate offices - it will be verified!
    Falsifying documents may result in Expulsion, Suspension and Probation. Check out the Judicial Affairs website for more information.
  • Working too many hours is the main reason students don't manage time well, and is not an acceptable rationale for a late drop.
    Use the Spartan Success Portal webisite for a Time Management workshop or meet with an advisor.
  • Visit Academic Advising & Retention Services each term to ensure academic success!
    Make an appointment to see an advisor each term to ensure academic success.
  • Late drops may not be used to prevent failure or to manipulate your GPA.
  • Carefully review theLate Drop Policy to learn more about acceptable circumstances for a late drop!
  • Complete Late Drop Petition