AARS Virtual Chat


Advising Chat FAQ’s


Virtual Chat is offered  __ and __  from __ and __.


Have a quick question?  Join a virtual chat session to get quick answers to your advising questions. Simply log into your SJSU email account and type 'email-id' into the chat's “search people” box on the left, then click “invite to chat”. An advisor will be with you shortly!

Outside of Virtual Chat hours? Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

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Here is an overview of what the AARS chat can and can not do for you:

Advising Chat will,

• provide a real time quick answer to advising questions

• allow for clarification of general policy and procedure

• be meant for questions that can be answered in 15 minutes or less

• provide a referral to the most appropriate office to assist with your issues


Advising Chat does not allow for:

• attachments

• detailed questions

• discussion of a student’s personal academic record

• academic planning


In order to protect student privacy and to assure that confidence is not breached, the chat advisor will not look up a particular student’s record and/or discuss details of that record.