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Find Classes

San Jose State offers thousands of courses each year. As a result, finding the classes you need to take on your path to academic success requires planning and thoughtfulness.

Academic Catalog

The academic catalog contains descriptions of classes and information about general graduation requirements for the university, as well as SJSU’s many academic majors. Along with advice from an advisor, the academic catalog is a tool to determine what classes to take. You can find out when and if those classes are available using the class schedules.

Class Schedules

A comprehensive listing of all the courses being offered during a given semester. It includes the days and times of classes to help you put together your own schedule of classes. 

If you need help determining what classes to take to meet university and program requirements, please contact a department advisor or visit Academic Advising.

Class Registration

When can you register for classes? When is the last day to drop a class? The Registrar’s Office will provide you with important dates and information about registering for your classes.

Advising Hub

Academic advisors help you make sure that every class counts, moving you toward graduation and your own personal goals. Be proactive in seeking support and advice—don't wait until your academic progress is in danger.


After you have planned out which classes to take, log in to MySJSU to register for classes.