Event Scheduling Procedure/Documents (campus sponsored)

Procedure for Requesting University Lecture Rooms

All requests with only on-campus participants must provide a minimum of 3 full business days/24 business hours of advance notice for processing or they will be rejected.

All requests with off campus participants  (and are not for a class meeting or orientation/recruitment) will require a minimum of 30 days of advance notice for processing. (Additional paperwork will be required from  Risk Management  and Facilities, Development & Operations Office)

  1. Complete the Academic Scheduling Facilities Reservation Request Form [PDF]. (To request room changes for scheduled classes, use the Academic Scheduling Change Form through OnBase.)
  2. E-mail completed form with all signatures (as an attachment) to Michelle.Liu@sjsu.edu. Any faxed requests will not be processed.
  3. An electronic room confirmation will be e-mailed upon completion of your request.
  4. Requestors should check their e-mail for the confirmation at least 3 full business days/24 business hours prior to your event. If you have not received any communication, please contact Michelle Liu at 408/924-2448 or via e-mail.
  5. Any changes/corrections/adjustments after receiving the confirmation should be submitted as a reply to the original confirmation e-mail.

Available Documents

University Lecture Rooms List [PDF]

Example - On-Campus Department [PDF]

Example - Off-Campus Entity [PDF]

Academic Scheduling Facilities Reservation Request Form (revised 2_14_19) [PDF]