Locking and Unlocking of University Lecture Rooms

Unless explicit written approval has been obtained from the Office of Academic Scheduling, all University Lecture Rooms (including those with omni-locks installed) are to be kept unlocked and available for use Monday – Friday from 0700-2200 (except YUH 124).

If a University Lecture Room is locked, depending on the time of day, departments are to contact one of the following service groups to have the room unlocked:

Unlocking University Lecture Rooms
Hours Responsible Office Contact
Monday - Friday from 0800-1700 Undergraduate Studies Office 408/924-2447
All other hours, including weekends University Police Department (UPD) 408/924-2222

As our university continues to grow in the future, space and room allocations will continue to become more difficult, and our effective utilization of all space will continue to become more critical. Constraints arising from space utilization practices will be mitigated to some degree by consistent adherence to university room usage and the space allocation guidelines as provided above and in Presidential Directive 2006-02. Your cooperation is appreciated.