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Economics studies the choices people make about production, exchange and consumption. Choices are necessary because resources are limited. The tools economists use to understand choices are highly versatile and can be used to explain business or market choices, as well as, examine choices made in family, political, historical, criminal, and educational situations. Using these economic tools, students learn to solve complex social, political, or business problems, to think strategically about the unintended consequences of actions, and to do scenario planning. Economics majors are noted for their problem solving ability for their ability to reach "reasoned" solutions to multi-faceted, complex problems. As a result, economics graduates are widely employed in public administration, in community, state and regional planning and other fields where sound decision making is required. Business firms, banks and other financial institutions also value the ability to evaluate market strategies and profit possibilities in economic planning and forecasting.

The BA - Economics is a general program, flexible enough to allow for a variety of student objectives. The BS is designed for those who plan to study economics at the graduate level, or to find jobs working as an economist or in closely related fields. Both programs have over 21 units of open electives. These elective units give students the flexibility to supplement the thinking skills developed in economics with technical skills developed in such fields as finance, marketing, and public relations. A bachelor degree in economics serves as an excellent springboard to an MBA or law degree.

Honors Program in Economics

To graduate with Economics Department honors student must have an overall GPA of 3.2; a GPA of 3.5 for all upper division economics courses; and must complete a supervised honors thesis. The prerequisite for enrollment in the honors thesis section of Econ 180 (Independent Studies) is completion of 100W. Thesis guidelines are available in the Economics Office.