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  • See the Department Advisor for requirements to declare the Global Studies Major.

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About the Program

The Global Studies BA program resulted from a long-term desire on the part of university leaders to provide education in the field of international affairs. A task force recommended its creation, and a Faculty Advisory Committee actually proposed the degree. It is one of several available in California. Graduates of the program will be skilled in the analysis of world affairs and ready for employment in a wide variety of professions/agencies.

Students will design their programs with the help of a faculty advisor, who must approve important parts of students' course work. Undergraduate transfer students have a special responsibility to obtain approval of transfer credits with the assistance of their advisor during their first semester at San José State University. Our mission is to provide an academic home and advisement for the Global Studies majors to help them discover and understand their place and future in this interconnected and interdependent world.

BA in Global Studies

The interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies offers an exciting opportunity for SJSU students to develop in-depth understanding of international flows of information, businesses, technologies, ideologies, people, values, and materials, and how these flows affect cultures, economies, politics, and environments for individuals, communities, nations and the world. Students who major in this field will acquire:

  • Understanding of things that are universal
  • Appreciation of the distinction between the local, regional, national, and global
  • Knowledge of how different professions operate on a world scale
  • Intermediate ability in a second language, other than English
  • Capacity to work abroad for an extended time and
  • Intercultural communication.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies strives to equip its graduates with global competencies that will prepare them for work in, for example, national diplomatic service, international organizations, economic development, management of non-governmental organizations, business and commerce, environmental preservation, cultural pursuits, and the performing arts.