The Solutions

ATI Task Force

The Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Task Force at SJSU was created to ensure that the campus follows state and federal laws mandating access to technology as well as to ensure a culture of inclusive learning.

ADA Compliance Office

The ADA Compliance Office works with the campus to monitor physical and program access, support the implementation of the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI), and ensure equal access for persons with disabilities at SJSU.

Center for Faculty Development

The Center for Faculty Development provides instruction in how to make documents and media accessible. Creating accessible instructional strategies and materials enables students to learn in a way that is appropriate for each individual.


The Disability Resource Center promotes access for students with disabilities in the classroom and throughout the campus. They provide a wide array of services including the Adaptive Technology Center, the Alternative Media Center, the DRC Testing Center, and the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program.

Employment Accommodations Resource Center (EARC)

The Employment Accommodations Resource Center (EARC), housed within the ADA Compliance Office, ensures equal access by prescribing reasonable and appropriate employment accommodations to qualified SJSU employees with disabilities.  The EARC works closely with employees, employees’ supervisors and managers, Faculty Affairs, and Human Resources to promote an inclusive workforce at SJSU.


Ensuring Access through Collaboration and Technology supports CSU students with disabilities and provides CSU faculty the resources to ensure that students with disabilities are provided a high quality education.


Procurement & Support Services has developed an implementation plan and a process for E&IT solicitations and acquisitions.

Web Services

The Web Services Unit is committed to ensuring accessibility of websites by providing numerous resources for Web content editors and Webmasters maintaining content inside the SJSU.EDU domain to create accessible content. The Web Services Unit is also part of the ATI taskforce.