For General Information

Elizabeth Tu

Chair, ATI Instructional Materials committee
Instructional Designer, Center for Faculty Development
Phone: 408 924-3093

Accessible Education Center (AEC)

The Accessible Education Centerprovides essential services to employees and students with disabilities since 1972. They provide a wide array of services including the Accessible Education Center, Center of Accessible Technology, the AEC Testing Center, the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program and the Employment Accommodations Resource Center.
Phone: 408 924-6000 (v); 408 924-5990 (TTY)

Center for Faculty Development (CFD)

The Center for Faculty Development provides instruction in how to make accessible documents and media materials to all.  Creating inclusive accessible instructional strategies and materials enables students to learn in a way that is appropriate for each individual.
Phone: 408 924-2303

Employment Accommodations Resource Center (EARC)

The Employment Accommodations Resource Center, housed within the AEC, ensures equal access by prescribing reasonable and appropriate employment accommodations to qualified SJSU employees with disabilities.  The EARC works closely with employees, employees’ supervisors and managers, Faculty Affairs, and Human Resources to promote an inclusive workforce at SJSU.
Phone: 408 924-6003

ATI Instructional Materials (IM) Team

The Instructional Materials team's role is to raise awareness and plan strategies in providing resources, tools, training and expertise to faculty and staff to ensure that all documents and media are accessible.

For information and assistance in making documents and media accessible, visit CFD's Creating Accessible Documents and Captioning Support and Services.

Team Members

  • Ann Agee (Library)
  • Mike Cook (Information Security Officer, IT Services)
  • Andrea Golloher (Faculty, Special Education)
  • Hyung Ik David Han (Student)
  • Robin Love (Interim Associate Dean, College of Education)
  • Thomas Madura (Faculty, Physics & Astronomy)
  • Cindy Marota and Scott Mendez (AEC)
  • Jennifer Redd (Director, eCampus)
  • Pamela Richardson (Associate Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts)
  • Ronald Rogers (Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences)
  • Winifred Schultz-Krohn (Department Chair, University Council of Chairs and Directors, and Academic Senate)
  • Amy Strage (Executive Sponsor, Assistant Vice President and Director, CFD)
  • Elizabeth Tu (Instructional Designer, CFD) - Chair

ATI Procurement

The Procurement team’s role is to provide guidance, resources, tools, training and expertise to employees and vendors to ensure that all electronic and information technology (EIT) products and services purchased for the University are accessible.

For information and assistance in purchasing or selling accessible EIT products/services, see Procurement Pathways.

Team Members

  • Marna Genes (Associate Vice President, Finance)
    Phone: 408 924-1550
  • Kathleen Prunty (Director, Acquisition Management)
    Phone: 408 924-1565
  • Luis Garcia
    Phone: 408 924-1559

ATI Web Accessibility

The Web Services Unit is committed to ensuring accessibility of websites by providing numerous resources for Web content editors and Webmasters maintaining content inside the SJSU.EDU domain to create accessible content.

For information and assistance in making your web site accessible, see  Web Accessibility.

Team Members

  • Brenden Sparks
    Phone: 408 924-7200

Library Accessibility Resources

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library welcomes visitors of all abilities and provides many services adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The SJSU Accessible Education Center also is located on the second floor of the library and is open to SJSU students, staff, and faculty registered with either the Accessible Education Center or the Employment Accommodation Resource Center.