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Documents (Word, PDF, etc.) and media (videos, podcasts, etc.) used as instructional materials and/or posted to the Web must be accessible to persons with disabilities in order to provide them with effective communication. Communication should be, to the extent possible, as effective for persons with disabilities as it is for persons without disabilities.

An essential component of effective communication is timeliness of delivery of accessible formats. To the extent possible, instructional materials, including online course materials, must be accessible to students with disabilities at the same time it is available to any other student enrolled in that program.


For information about Universal Design, document and media accessibility, visit the Center for Faculty Development Accessibility.

Courses & Open Labs

To learn how to make your documents and media accessible, see Professional Development.
To learn about making instructional materials accessible, visit CFD Universal Design for Learning.

Help & Support

For additional help and support with document and media accessibility, contact the ATI Instructional Materials Team