Instructional Materials


The ATI Instructional Materials team's role is to raise awareness and plan campus wide strategies in providing resources, tools, training and expertise to faculty and staff to ensure that all documents and media are accessible.

For information and assistance in making documents and media accessible, visit Center for Faculty Development's seven essential steps in preparing for accessible course materials.

Team Members

  • Ann Agee (Library)
  • Peter Beyesdorf (Faculty, Academic Senate)
  • Mike Cook (Information Security Officer, IT Services)
  • Matthew Gonzalez (AEC)
  • David Hoffmann (Student)
  • Robin Love (Interim Associate Dean, College of Education)
  • Hilary Nixon (Department Chair, University Council of Chairs and Directors)
  • Jennifer Redd (eCampus)
  • Pamela Richardson (Associate Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts)
  • Ronald Rogers (Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences)
  • Amy Strage (Executive Sponsor, CFD)
  • Elizabeth Tu (CFD) - Chair

SJSU Accessibility Studies