Staff, Employees, Deans and Managers

To staff employees, deans and managers, accessibility at SJSU means:

  • Checking criteria before buying any new electronic and/or information technology (such as computer hardware and software) by visiting PASS How to Get Products & Services.
  • Creating an inclusive environment in your work area that enables all employees to be successful in their chosen careers, regardless of disability.
  • Assisting a person with a disability in the event of an emergency evacuation.
  • Attending workshops to learn how to make your documents, media and websites accessible.
  • Developing accessible meeting presentations and correspondence (e.g.: PowerPoint presentations, email blasts)
  • Discouraging stereotypical behavior.
  • Actively support accessibility and ATI implementation.

If you are a staff employee, dean or manager with a disability, this also means:

  • Gaining better access to electronic and information technology.
  • Becoming familiar with the resources provided by the Employment Accommodations Resource Center (EARC) by scheduling an intake appointment to determine eligibility and services.