The Orientation will be on Friday, September 30, 2011. The Registration starts at 2:00-2:30pm. The Orientation will be from 2:30-4:30pm in Morris Daley Auditorium.

What is the Mandatory Accounting & Finance Orientation?

Every Accounting & Finance student is required to attend the mandatory orientation once during their stay at San Jose State University.

This program was implemented to meet students' needs long before the University mandated student participation in these programs. The 2 hour program has been successful because it adds value for our students. Faculty, staff and graduates present an exhilarating program. The following topics are discussed:

  1. Ethics;
  2. Linking Career Choice with the Academic Programs;
  3. How to be Successful at SJSU;
  4. Effective Use of the Career Planning and Placement Office;
  5. Benefits of Active Participation in Student Organizations;
  6. Time Management for Student.
  7. Advice from recent SJSU graduates
  8. New requirements to become a CPA

Participants are urged to download material that is designed to help you optimize your time and to assist you in utilizing the numerous resources that exist at San Jose State University.

Who must attend?

All students who are declared under the following majors and have not previously attended are required to attend:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Accounting Information System

Seniors/ Graduating Seniors are not required to attend.

What happens if I do not attend?

Any student who is currently in their second semester at San Jose State University and has not yet completed this requirement may get a registration hold for the following semester.It is your responsibility to attend the orientation.

What if I can't attend?

We understand that having the orientation only once per semester makes it hard for students to find time to attend. If for any reason you were unable to attend the orientation in your second semester, you can report to the Accounting & Finance Department (408) 924-3460, Business Tower 850) with a legitimate reason. In such a case, you will be granted permission to attend the next orientation.

When is the next orientation?

The orientation is usually held within the first month of every semester. Instructors will announce it in class, but bear in mind that it is your responsibility to check the Accounting & Finance office or the website's main page for the scheduled date and location. The next orientation will be held in Fall 2012.

Orientation location?

Morris Dailey Auditorium

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