Careers in Finance

Corporate Finance Junior Analyst - Finance, Planning, and Administration

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Prepare and review company's business plans and annual budget
  • Analyze and summarize financing proposals
  • Assess the money and capital markets
  • Prepare industry competitive analysis
  • Gather, analyze, summariz and report relevant treasury information
  • Develop sinking fund strategy for the retirement of company bonds
  • Implement financial plans and policies that have been approved by company

Financial Analyst - Revenue

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Forecast future revenues and analyze past revenue performances for budget planning
  • Forecast company revenue for 3 month period budget planning
  • Report company revenue in forms that can be used by other departments
  • Compare budgetary and actual revenue performance and identify what caused variations
  • Acknowledge senior management of any revenue questions that may arise

Financial Analyst - Capital Budgets

Responsiblities and Duties:
  • Ensure appropriate financial and accounting treatment for capital and lease request
  • Gather, coordinate, and draw up data for the annual capital budget
  • Compare actual and forecasted capital cash flows for reports
  • Ensure compliance of corporate regulations
  • Analyze and summarize major capital budgets
  • Research to aquire further details on capital projects
  • Provide proper analysis and control before a project gets approved
  • Provide detail analysis for all projects submitted for the budget
  • Prepare and present quarterly report based on actual and projected capital cash flows

Manager - Project Finance

Repsonsiblities and Duties:
  • Provide assistance to the issuane of new and the refinancing of debt and equity to ensure timely completion of projects
  • Preserve and keep-up a current knowledge of general corporate financing methods
  • Work with or manage teams of lawyers, accountants and investment bankers
  • Prepare analysis for any financings under management contract
  • Provide assistance to other financing activities and projects

Manager - Financial Planning

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Analyze, develop and recommend system-wide financial goals including capital structure, return on investment and dividend policy to executive management
  • Conduct the performance of tactical and strategic planning studies requested by management personnel
  • Provide financial informatin and recommendations of any possible financial alternatives
  • Prepare financial impact analyses and recommend long-range facilities to determine the most economically desirable and feasible means of meeting energy and demand requirements
  • Observe, record and define assumptions and techniques used in developing pro forma statements, analyses, and recommendations, and communicate these to executive management to further their understanding of the results
  • Analyze and evaluate the impact of economic developments and projections
  • Provice assistance in corporate strategy development in order to establish goals and objectives for the company and for use in future financial projections
  • Monitor, maintain and document company's computerized financial planning models and coordinate subsequent enhancement and usage to make use of technological efficiency and maintain as accurate and as state of the art model as possilbe

Vice President of Finance

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Plan and execute corporate capital financing requirements
  • Maintain a balanced capital structure
  • Monitor, assist, and review department's action in obtaining long-term financing
  • Maintain positive relations with lenders and rating agencies
  • Provide and maintain a capital budgeting and financial planning system
  • Consolidate capital projection requirements with the credit markets status and the company's capital structure
  • Arrange the activities of underwriters, lawyers, and accountants in order to support a timely completion of the fund raising activities
  • Maintain close relationships with all company lenders and keep them informed of the company's goals and progress
  • Provide financial support for any contractual arrangements made by the company
  • Direct and supervise pension fund assets and other special projects

Investment/Financial Planning Securities Analyst - Common Stock

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Prepare companies and industries analysis to determine appropration for common stock investments, potentials for future growth; and assist in maintenence of portfolio
  • Monitor current tendency of common stock in the portfolio to assure continued acceptability to company objectives
  • Evaluate alternative investment scenarios
  • Collect relevant information from divisional records, outstide sources, and financial reports to obtain further detail regarding a common stock
  • Summarize, recommend and present to senior officers and investment committee of the collected information

Securities Analyst - Publicly Traded Bond

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Contiually review and evaluate publicly traded industrial and utility bonds to ensure acceptability to company standards
  • Provide recommendations for sales or additional purchased of bonds
  • Analyze bids received for the purchase of public bonds, consider their impacts, and suggest action to be taken
  • Review and evaluate corporate managments and prepare and submit suggestions to senior investment officers
  • Compile periodic reports on the bond portfolio status for the finance committee
  • Provide assistance for investment/research activities

Portfolio Analyst

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Compile weekly and monthly company and industry reports for internal use
  • Review other department reports
  • Evaluate qualifications of securities investment
  • Perpare and file necessary paperwork on loans and monitor delinquent loans
  • Prepare for Finance Cmmittee annual and semi-annual reports
  • Review and evaluate financial statements received on portfolio credits
  • Maintain company portfolioo by suggesting specific course of action

Manager-Pension Fund Investments

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Determine the specific breakdown of pension fund investments among asset types based on analysis aimed at maximizing returns while maintaining liquidity
  • Select, supervise, and evaluate the investment managers and negotiate compensation
  • Analyze large general corporate financing proposals and recommend best financing "deals"
  • Obtain stock for the employees' stock bonus plans through open market purchase or the new issue market
  • Recommend and implement amendments and revisions to trust, investment manager, and consultant agreeements
  • Develop measurements and evaluation reports for monitoring the performance of investment managers
  • Study, evaluate, and recommend new investment opportunities, techniques, and practices
  • Conduct quarterly investment review meetings with investment management of the pension funds
  • Represent the corporation at seminars and conferences to maintain a high level of awareness of new developments and changes in pension fund management and pension legislation
  • Undertake special assignments as requested by the VP

Account Executive (Securities Broker)

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Advise and recommend clients about potential investments
  • Represent clients in securities trading and execute trades as ordered
  • Expand market through new contracts and clients
  • Serve as a middle-man between bookeeping and clients
  • Review and obtain information to stay current with several markets and to learn new investment products

Banking and Financial Institution General Credit Manager

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Approve all extraordinary lines of credit, including those that exceed delegated field authority
  • Visit key customers to maintain good commercial relationships and determine financial liability
  • Work with appropriate division and field sales personnel to coordinate and communicate terms of payment, credit decisions, and disputed or uncollectible billings
  • Prepare monthly cash collection forecasts and monitor and report daily cash receipts
  • Coordinate all legal matters pertaining to receivables management with company outstide attorneys
  • Supervise the maintenance and safekeeping of special customer records, files, reports, and general ledgers
  • Represent the company at financial professional association meetings and seminars
  • Keep informed of legislation and changes in laws and regulations which affect financing, credit and collection policies and procedures

Direct Loan Analyst

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Evaluate the financial condition and performance of existing and potential borrowers based upon their profitabilities, cash flows, and leverages
  • Assess quantitatively the expected return on potential investments
  • Maintain a close relationship with investment bankers to get a flow of acceptable offerings
  • Review and evaluate common stock warrant holdings in connection with loan agreements and modify existing agreements if necessary
  • Provide assistance in problem loan workouts by analyzing financial soundness of companies
  • Train lower level staff

Senior Banking Analyst

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Project short-term debt sschedule for financing requirements
  • Project the required compensation balances for bank services
  • Research various financing possibilities regarding their economic advantages
  • Plan shifts in cash balances to gain advantageous rates on investments or lower rates on borrowings
  • Participate in arrangements with dealers and/or banks for short-term borrowings, roll overs or maturities
  • Participate in arrangements with dealers and/or banks for short-term investments of company funds and funds of subsidiary companies
  • Review the major parameters of all bank accounts maintained to relate the actual condition of the accounts to the objectives desired
  • Prepare summary reports of the changing cash position and money market conditions
  • Prepare reports highlighting current financial events
  • Update listings of securities bought and sold during the period

Corporate Banking Officer

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Maintain and develop existing and new clients relationships by differentiating its existing services and through products innovation
  • Recognize opportunities for all services provided by banks such as pension management, foreign exchange and interest rate risk management, credit management, etc.
  • Perform administrative follow-up on overdrawn deposit accounts, loan documents, rate information, memo writing for credit approvals, credit analysis, etc.
  • Bring in the appropriate specialists to discuss technical products with clients
  • Stay current with the technical aspects of new products
  • Get to know customers better through personal calls
  • Review files and annual reports

Vice President-Credit Policy, Financial Analysis Department

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Analyze credit exposure of the bank in real estate and construction industries
  • Write fee projects for bank customers
  • Supervise and review the work of other analysts
  • Read, research and analyze financial statements
  • Make presentations of findings within the bank and to customers
  • Analyze, value and rate (using the bank's own credit rating system, a system which has some parallels with the public agency rating system) the securities of various firms to customers of the bank

Real Estate Mortgage Analyst - Production

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Negotiater terms, conditions, interest rates, etc to obtain a flow of acceptable applications for conventional loans and opportunities to purchase real estate
  • Analyze client's financial status and past performance, type of property, nature of offer, property location, facilities and access, and competition
  • Inspect property under consideration
  • Prepare detailed analyses of propsed loan or purchase and recommend action on offerings
  • Prepare mortgage committee memoranda in conjunction with supervisor and present recommendations to the officer in charge or the mortgage committee
  • Prepare committment letters on those investments which have been approved by the committee
  • Assist in the negotiation of the final commitment terms and conditions
  • Work with clients to help resolve problems which may jeopardize company's right under a mortgage
  • Prepare correspondence on all aspects of application processing

Mortgage Analyst - Closing

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Responsible for coordinating all loan closing details on mortgage loan commitments on a timely basis
  • Obtain required closing documents such as operating agreements, title reports, leases, appraisals, plans, and specifications
  • Analyze closing documents and related exhibits to insure that details are in agreement with the original commitment terms
  • Submit plans, specifications, and appraisals
  • Consult with the real estate production section on interpretation of requirements set forth in original commitment letters where discrepancies or problems appear to exist
  • Reconcile discrepancies/problems with clients
  • Evaluate requests for changes in or variances from, commitment terms including requests for midification, loan increases, lease substitutions, substitution of liability, etc.
  • Analyze requestors' financial status, type of property, location, past performance, to determine if proposed modifications to commitment terms make good business sense and the nature of their impact on the company's financial position
  • Ascertain whether a particular business decision is compatible with legal requirements
  • Inspect exterior and interior of properties prior to all loan closings to insure that all physical requirements
  • Negotiate changes in conditions and closing details with clients
  • Draft amendments to commitments and leases