Transfer Information

The following is important information for community college students transferring into the College of Business at SJSU. For further clarification, please contact an advior at the Business Student Advisement Center (BSAC), (408) 924-3435.. BSAC is located at BBC 008.


  • Students are responsbile for maintaining their own transcripts from ALL the colleges that they have attended. When students apply to SJSU, we recommend that they order two transcripts from every college attended - one to be sent directly to the Office of Admissions & Records at SJSU and one to be kept by the student for advisement purposes.

  • Students should bring their records (transcripts and GE transfer worksheet) when they see an advisor in BSAC. Many problems can be easily resolved when students keep complete and accurate records.

  • Transcripts are recommended when students need to clear the lower division (LD) business "pool" policy and are required when they apply for graduation.

Lower Division(LD) Business "Pool"

  • Business majors are expected to complete the Lower Division (LD) courses as prerequisite to upper division business courses. The lower division Pool consists of: MATH 70, BUS 20, ENGLISH 1B, AND BUS 90.

  • When students transfer to SJSU as a business major, they will be blocked from registering in any upper division business courses until they have a BSAC advisor verify that they have successfully completed the following with a grade of "C-" or better: MATH 70, ENGLISH 1B, BUS 20, AND BUS 90.

  • Accounting majors must have a "C" or better in Business 20 , 120A, 121A, 121B, 122A, and 123A

  • Finance majors must have a "C" or better in Economics 1A, 1B, Business 21, 90, 171A, 172A, and 173A.

  • Accounting Information System majors must have a "C" or better in Business 20, and all AIS concentration courses

  • Corporate Financial Management majors must have a "C" or better in Business 20, and all Corporate Financial Management concentration courses

  • For the above majors, any of the listed courses in which a "C-" or below is received, must be repeated until a satisfactory grade of "C" is earned.

Coursework Equivalencies

  • The College of Business will only accept the following lower division courses as transferable for business: ECONOMICS 1A, 1B; ENGLISH 1B; MATH 70; BUSINESS 20, 21, 80, 90, AND 91 MIS Courses, BUSINESS 92 and 93.

  • Note: No other community college courses can be used to waive business major or minor requirements. For example, introductory business courses cannot be used to waive business major or minor requirements.

  • Transfer students must be aware that the maximum units that can be transferred to SJSU (from all community colleges attended) is 70 semester units or 105 quarter units. Please encourage transfer students to have their General Education certified. Completion of an AA degree does not always mean that the student has completed all of his/her general education requirements.

When to see a BSAC Advisor

  • When setting up course schedules.

  • When clearing the lower division business pool requirements which will release the block placed on pre-registratin in upper division courses. When obtaining graduation requirements for each of the concentrations.

  • When needing clarification on the College of Business and/or SJSU's policies.

  • When applying for academic renewal. When filing for graduation.

  • When needing help with the reinstatement process.

  • When needing help determining what courses taken at other colleges apply to waive business requirements.

  • When students don't know where to go for help.

Unlike many community colleges, academic renewal (for grades of "C-" or below) is not done automatically at SJSU. Students must petition for academic renewal within the first three weeks of class. For details, see the university Catalog or a BSAC advisor.

BSAC Office hours

Drop-in advisement hours:


9:00 AM - 11:30AM and 2:00 PM-3 :00PM

Monday -Thursday

9:00 AM - 12:30pm


  • During the first two weeks of the semester, BSAC is open on a drop-in basis only. Office hours change during summer and winter sessions and during spring break.


  • The Writing Skills Test allows studnets to enroll in Advanced General Education courses and upper division writing requirement (100W). The test is required and should be taken prior to the Junior year (60+ semester units). To take the exam students must have completed ENGL 1B. Contact the testing office at (408) 924-5980 for dates, deadlines, and other information.

Documents Outstanding Holds

  • Transfer students must submit final college transcripts to Admissions and Records Office prior to Touch-Tone Registration for their second semester at SJSU. Otherwise, a registration "hold" will be placed on the student's record and will only be lifted when final transcripts are submitted.

Mandatory Advising

  • Students must be advised through their major department prior to their third semester at SJSU. Students will be notified by Admisssions and Records as well at the College of Business beforehand.