Student Interns of the Chicano Latino Student Success Task ForceProfessor Marcos Pizarro explaining a concept to students.Chicana/Latina Staff Member talking to students Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor interacting with students after a lecture on campus

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¡Sí Se Puede! You can do it!

Underrepresented minority students, including Chicanx/Latinx Students, have the highest attrition rates at SJSU with the greatest risk of dropping out. We strive to reverse this trend by creating a support network across campus for students with targeted and culturally specific programming and services.  

San José State University offers a number of academic programs and student services to ensure students have the support they need both in and out of the classroom. This site serves as a one-stop shop in connecting you to these resources to ensure you are successful here at SJSU.

Student Stories

Hear how other SJSU students overcame adversity during their first year by becoming more engaged in campus life, reaching out to staff and faculty, and taking advantage of the services and resources offered throughout campus. Listen to their stories....