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Budget Update

SJSU’s annual budget report has been finalized and released for campus review. You may access the Budget Report: Fiscal Year 2015/16 (PDF) on the Annual Budget Report page.  

The annual budget report provides an overview of the university’s resources and how those resources are allocated across the University for the 2015/16 fiscal year. The report is driven by campus planning decisions related to the number of students enrolled at the University along with augmented resources provided by the State of California (State Budget) and the CSU Board of Trustees (Support Budget). This year, SJSU received a state general fund augmentation that allowed for the campus to address increased health care costs, fund a compensation increase for faculty and staff, and support enrollment growth. In conjunction with this state support, our campus budget plan enabled funding for a number of campus priorities including addressing critical infrastructure needs, improving student success pathways, capital construction, and a new cabinet-level Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

The CSU (and State of California) practices incremental budgeting: year-to-year changes in the campus operating budgets resulting from increases or decreases in the funding authorized by the state. The focus of the CSU’s budget process is on predicting the changes from the current year and allocating resources to meet the priorities of the Board of Trustees. These details are contained in the CSU Support Budget documents:

Planning is currently underway for the 2016/17 Support Budget and the Board of Trustees is expected to adopt a $295 million budget increase request in November, 2015. The proposed support budget is $137 million larger than the governor’s proposed budget plan, but the Board of Trustees remains committed each year to adopting an aspirational support budget that is truly reflective of the CSU’s needs. While the governor has promised to adhere to his funding plan, last year’s full funding of the CSU Trustees’ Support Budget offers hope that more funding will be forthcoming from the state than originally promised. The proposed budget places continued emphasis on supporting the initiatives identified in the 2015/16 support budget. As a reminder, those initiatives include: compensation increases, addressing mandatory costs such as health care increases, and facilities/infrastructure needs.

All CSU system documents may be found on the CSU Budget Office website: http://www.calstate.edu/budget/

SJSU OpenGov Financial Transparency

San Jose State University has partnered with OpenGov, a web-based application, to facilitate communication about the budget process, revenue streams, and actual expenditures on campus. This web-based tool simplifies complicated financial data into an easy-to-read and understand format. Visit SJSU's OpenGov site.