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2018/19 CSU Operating Budget Update

         August 2018

In June 2018, Governor Brown signed and enacted the 2018/19 California State Budget, appropriating General Funds of $3.6 billion towards the California State University.  This resulted in a base (ongoing) increase of $197 million to the CSU’s annual Support Budget.  The incremental base funding will support the Graduation Initiative 2025 (student success), employee compensation, benefit obligations, and other mandatory costs.  While the approved budget was greater than the earlier proposals from the Governor and the Assembly, the budget is less than the CSU's Support Budget request of $263 million for ongoing needs, and did not provide funding for enrollment growth as requested by the CSU.


SJSU received $8.9 million in General Fund support for 2018/19, plus $5.6 million for prior year adjustments relating to compensation and retirement.  Additional details on the allocation of funds across the university can be found in detail in the 2018-19 Annual Budget Report.

2018/19 CSU Operating Budget Update

                                 April 2018


The Chancellor will not bring forth a tuition increase recommendation to the board of Trustees in May.  Instead, he issued a letter to the campus community asking everyone to join with him in sustaining advocacy efforts.  The Governor will issue an updated budget plan in May ("May Revision").  This will be the next opportunity, but not the last, for an increase to the new funds planned for CSU, which currently stand at $92 million.


2018/19 Campus Operating Budget


 April 2018


On April 19, 2018, a SJSU Budget Forum was hosted to describe the plans for the 2018/19 budget year.  President Papazian, Vice President for Administration and Finance Charlie Faas, and Provost Andy Feinstein joined the forum to address questions.  The presentation and video are available for viewing online.


2018/19 CSU Operating Budget Update

January 2018

On January 10, 2018, Governor Brown released his initial 2018-19 state budget, with a proposed increase of $92.1 million for the CSU, which amounts to a 1.4 percent increase to the CSU’s operating budget.  This proposed level of funding fell short of the support anticipated by the CSU.  As a result, a budget gap of $171 million exists between the Trustees’ budget request and the Governor’s proposal.  The CSU will continue to make the case with state leaders that additional investment in the CSU is essential.  The CSU is also contemplating CSU-controlled strategies, notably a potential tuition increase and a potential reduction to academic and non-academic programs and services.

A statement from CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White on the 2018-19 state budget proposal may be found online at the CSU NewsCenter.

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2018/19 CSU Operating Budget Update

November 2017

As a foundational step in the annual budget process for the California State University and the respective campuses, the CSU Board of Trustees votes to approve an annual operating budget plan that is proposed to the State of California and the Governor.  At the recent November CSU Board of Trustees meeting, the Board adopted a resolution approving the proposed 2018/2019 CSU Operating Budget Plan. 

The 2018/19 plan prioritizes the following uses, which together amount to a total increase in the expenditure budget of $282.9 million.

Proposed Incremental Expenditures Amount
Graduation Initiative 2025 $75.0 million
Employee Compensation $122.1 million
1.0% Growth Full-Time Equivalent Students $39.9 million
Facilities and Infrastructure Needs $15.0 million
Other Mandatory Costs $30.9 million
Total $282.9 million

To fund these commitments, the 2018/2019 operating budget plans for $102.0 million of General Fund revenue per the Governor’s Funding Plan and a $19.9 million net increase in tuition revenue generated from enrollment growth.  To meet the prioritized needs of the CSU, the plan requests an additional $161.0 million in General Fund Revenue to address the funding shortfall. 

Anticipated Revenue  Amount
General Fund Revenue from Governor’s Funding Plan $102.0 million
Net Tuition from Enrollment Growth $19.9 million
Board of Trustees Additional Request $161.0 million
Total $282.9 million

While the CSU’s highest priority is to continue to advocate for and pursue increased state funding to cover the full operating budget request, the state allocation will not be known until a final budget agreement is reached in June 2018.  Until that time, CSU stakeholders will be considering funding alternatives and pursue cost avoidance strategies and administrative efficiencies.  More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Additional details can be found online at CSU 2018-19 Operating Budget.