Core Principles

Core Principles for Budget Planning

In the fall 2011 and spring 2012, the university created and finalized the SJSU Strategic Plan: Vision 2017 and the Academic Plan. As we prepare for significant budget reductions, the President’s Cabinet has decided that all cost saving and revenue generating activities shall be in alignment with the goals identified. Throughout this process, we remain committed to civility, integrity and to maintaining morale across the institution.

The core principles outlined below will guide this process.

  • Undertake meaningful communication and consultation across all sectors of the university in order to ensure transparency of the budget process.
  • Ensure that the safety and well-being of the Spartan community is not compromised.
  • Maintain and enhance student learning and success by protecting the quality of academic programs and courses for students. This includes providing critical support to faculty in teaching, scholarly activity and service activities.
  • Balance quality and efficiency while meeting the university’s enrollment targets and assessing the impact and consequences of changes for student learning, accreditation by external entities, and faculty and staff engagement.
  • Develop innovative solutions to enhance student learning and success in making progress to degrees and certificates.
  • Maintain the university’s critical services and staffing at an adequate level.
  • Continue to identify new revenue opportunities with aggressive implementation timelines as appropriate.
  • Maintain a commitment to the use of technology that have demonstrated evidence or promise of improved educational effectiveness or a more efficient means of delivering quality services.
  • Streamline processes and procedures to achieve greater efficiencies across all divisions of the university.
  • Delay or defer expenditures when feasible.