Facilities Development & Operations


Southeast Quadrant Master Plan

FD&O is currently working on a project to develop a Facilities Master Plan for the southeast quadrant (SEQ) of the campus.  The SEQ represents the segment of campus South of Paseo de San Carlos, between 7th Street and 10th Street.  The purpose of the SEQ project is to ensure a fully thought out road map for facility development in that part of campus.  Given that this portion of campus will be developing a new pool, recreation center, additional student housing, and expanded dining facilities, this plan is critical to ensure the best final development possible.  Through the assessment of current facility conditions, important proximity relationships, long range construction as well as demolition plans, this SEQ project will ensure we build the best possible facilities for our campus.  Ultimately, this project will provide a recommendation regarding updates to the current Master Plan, for review and consideration by campus leadership and the Chancellor's Office.