Information Technology Services

ITS Network Upgrades and Enhancements Update

ITS continues to enhance wireless services across campus by adding additional coverage, capacity and WPA2 service. As of the end of June, 2012, we have a total of 690 access points. We have capacity for roughly 27,600 users across campus. 

You may have noticed a new SSID called SJSU_premier. As part of the ongoing wireless enhancements, WPA2 has been rolled out campus wide. WPA2 will provide encryption and a more secure way of logging on to the wireless service. This will also be a convenient way to remain logged in as you move around the campus. You will no longer need to authenticate against the Wireless Captive Portal once you configure WPA2 on your mobile device. The Captive Portal will remain for devices that do not support WPA2 and for guests, and will be updated to reflect these changes and provide links to wireless documentation for our users.

Configuration documentation for several devices/OS is available at SJSU Premier Wi-Fi Services.

Additional information on our wireless service is available at Wireless Networks.

ITS is also working with the Chancellor’s Office to upgrade our Internet connections to dual 10 Gbps for additional capacity. That is 10 times the throughput we currently have with our dual 1 Gbps. The upgrade will include circuit and hardware upgrades planned over the next couple of months.