Facilities Development & Operations

Aquaculture Laboratory Site Plan

Aquaculture Laboratory

Research and Demonstrate the Cultivation of Local Kelp and Seaweed Species

Facilities Development & Operations has completed the design and plans to create an integrated aquaculture facility for Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML). Construction will begin this November with the project located on the site of the future MLML pier and Shorelab Complex.

The aquaculture facility will house researchers dedicated to studying the Ecophysiology of seaweeds as a basis for using them to solve problems of aquaculture, coastal degradation, climate change, and biofuel production. Graduate students in the MLML Phycology Lab, studying marine macro algae (seaweeds) and sea grasses, will be able to take full advantage of this new laboratory and tank farm. The new facility will replace the lab and tank farm operations previously carried out in temporary facilities on the site.