Facilities Development & Operations

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Campus Village

campus village plumbing project

The Campus Village plumbing project was completed over the 2012 summer break. This project required closure of the village from June 1 through August 15 to make extensive repairs to the plumbing system throughout the complex. This project was a tremendous success given the magnitude of work that had to be completed before students came back for fall semester.


Chiller Plant

chiller plant expansion project

The final phase of the Chiller Plant Expansion Project will be complete in September 2012; the campus is already seeing the benefits of the improved energy efficiency from the operation of the new equipment. The necessity to import power from PG&E has dropped by over 50% for the same time period from last year. Because we operate our own Cogen plant, this results in the campus having virtually no PG&E imports during the peak hours of the day, minimizing the overall expenditure on electricity and reducing the campus carbon footprint and reliance on PG&E.