Information Technology Services

Next Gen Technology Project Deployment Update

As previously communicated in the June Newsletter, the deployment of Next Gen Technology to campus users is underway in many campus areas this Summer.

After behind-the-scenes installation of new network equipment in campus buildings, the project team is deploying Cisco Wireless Access Points to meet the rising demand generated by the increase in user wireless devices including smart phones, tablet computers, and laptops. Additionally, the deployment of Cisco Unified Communications VoIP voice and video phones has been completed for users in the Music Building, with the Faculty Office Building, Hugh Gillis Hall and Student Union expansion planned next. 

Visit Unified Communication System for a full schedule of building sequencing through the end of calendar year 2013, along with more details on deployment coordination.

Based on feedback from faculty and academic support staff, changes to the Next Generation Learning Spaces are being implemented to enhance the audio/visual controls systems. These changes will simplify the usage of the equipment in the spaces and automate the lecture capture capabilities into the SJSU VideoShare system. Workshops are planned for delivery by Academic Technology in August to train instructors assigned to classes in these spaces for the Fall 2013 semester.