Information Technology Services

Next Up for Next Gen

The Next Gen Technology Project is on schedule this Fall. Last month we brought you the project schedule to date which you can view at IT Services. This month, we'll let you know what is happening in December.

Network Switch Updates

Network Switch updates will enable increased network speeds.

Dec 6:

  • Moss Landing Marine Labs
  • Student Union West

Dec 13:

  • Child Development Center (in CCB)
  • Corp Yard

WiFi Logo
WiFi Network Updates

WiFi Network updates will enable increased access and throughput. In December we will complete cabling and pre-cutover installation to the following campus buildings:

  • Central Classroom Building
  • Hugh Gillis Hall
  • Dwight Bentel Hall
  • Sweeney Hall
  • Boccardo Business Center
  • Duncan Hall
  • MacQuarrie Hall
  • Clark Hall
  • Engineering
  • Health Building
  • Industrial Studies
  • Art

Video Phone Image
Unified Communications Deployment

Unified Communications Deployment enables sophisticated communication for campus employees. In December, phones in the following buildings will be updated.

Dec 6: Washington Square
Dec 13: Dudley Moorehead and Instructional Resource Center
Dec 20: Child Development Center

Short URLs

IT Services is now providing short URLs and custom URLs. URL shortening is a technique used to shorten a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), and still direct to the required web page. The main advantage is its shortness, which can be easily communicated and entered with less chance of error. Visit Short URL to get started.

Campus Computer Patch Management

The Campus Computer Patch Management Program will provide SJSU's desktops, laptops and servers with the latest application and security updates.

The program will include a campus-wide system in which system administrators can log in, see the devices they support, see new software that is available and deploy updates quickly and easily.

The system will also allow administrators to install new software on your computer without having to make an in-person visit while you continue to work. This will make the latest, greatest and most secure versions of software always available.

The Campus Computer Patch Management Program is currently underway with a number of pilot groups already using the tools. This December, training will take place and the tools will be made available to all University computers.

IT Services is excited to bring the latest in software management to SJSU!

Happy Holidays
Holiday Support Coverage

IT Services takes pride in providing excellent customer service to the campus community through the Information Support Services (ISS) Help Desk. We can be reached in the following ways:

Phone: (408) 924-1530

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm except on campus holidays.

During the campus closure this year from December 25, 2013, through January 1, 2014, the ISS Help Desk will be closed. To get support for critical IT services during this period, please call University Police Dispatch at (408) 924-4222 to contact IT Services Management.

Thank you for your support and have a Happy Holiday Season!