Information Technology Services

Data Center

SJSU Computing Cloud Expanding

For nearly a decade, computing resources used by SJSU, including servers and storage, have not been confined to the campus facilities. Services have been deployed in all three domestic US time zones and even in locations overseas with Google Apps. The latest expansion of the SJSU Computing Cloud is a little closer to home.

There has been a significant increase in computing and storage resources needed to support the Next Gen Technology Project. ITS Leadership followed the direction of the Chancellor's Office Cyber Infrastructure Strategy to look for external cloud resources. San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton completed a brand new, state-of-the-art data center in early 2011 with capacity beyond its needs to enable hosting other customers.

Already on the CENIC network that serves the UC, CSU, and CCC campuses, SJSU was able to negotiate a service contract with Delta College that was more cost effective than other commercial alternatives.

Since the contract was executed in September, ITS has installed a CISCO Unified Computing System (UCS) with 16 blade servers connected to a NetAPP storage area network (SAN) with over 300 terabytes of storage.

Over 40 Next Gen Technology systems have been deployed in our Delta College Data Center to date, with many more to come. This expansion of our SJSU Computing Cloud certainly has a silver lining!

ITS Customer Satisfaction Survey

In October 2012, Information Technology Services conducted a customer satisfaction survey to evaluate services including SJSU Email, Help Desk Support, Wireless Access, Telephone Equipment, MySJSU, Login Access, IT Training, and Technology Enhanced Classrooms.

ITS received over 850 responses from faculty, students, and staff who were asked to participate in this survey. This large response was very helpful in providing sound, and factual data on the services you believe are working well and those that need to be improved.

ITS summarized the customer feedback by areas of satisfaction and areas for improvement.


SJSU Email – Customers are mostly satisfied with SJSU Email. It scored a high 4.8 and a 6-point scale with 89% of respondents indicating they were happy with this service. In fact, four of the top ten highest ratings in the survey were related to SJSU Email.

The quality of in-person and online IT Training – Two aspects of in-person IT training scored well. Convenience of in-person IT training locations was among the top ten ratings, scoring a 4.8 with 91% satisfied. More importantly, quality of in-person training was rated 4.7 with 89% satisfied. People were less satisfied with the selection and scheduling of in-person IT training courses. These items both scored 4.5 with 88% and 82% and satisfied, respectively. At the end of the survey, respondents were invited to identify “one thing ITS could do that would make it easier for [them] to do [their] work,” and requests for additional IT training were the fifth most common comment.

Their ability to access SJSU services while away from campus – People were also mostly satisfied with the ability to access SJSU services while away from campus within the US. This item scored 4.9 and 92% of respondents indicated they were satisfied with it. However, a more specific element of remote access, using SJSU’s VPN service, scored only a 4.4 and only 82% of respondents were satisfied with this service.

Areas for Improvement:

The ability to easily access appropriate help with computing at SJSU – Perhaps the most prominent need highlighted by the survey is improved accessibility of appropriate help with computing at SJSU.

The availability, reliability, and speed of the SJSU wireless network – The second most prominent need highlighted by the survey was for improved wireless networking. Like accessibility of appropriate help services, this service extends to the entire community, it received lower ratings and it is strongly correlated with IT services overall.

Authentication required to access and remain on SJSU’s wireless network – A significant subset of respondents complained in the text comments about the authentication process required to access and remain on SJSU’s wireless network.

SJSU telephone equipment and telephone equipment documentation – Ratings for SJSU’s wired telephones were among the lowest rated in the survey. We might have anticipated that ratings for telephone charges and telephone documentation would be low, but the ratings for telephone equipment are more notable. The level of dissatisfaction with documentation, 41%, is also notable. There does not appear to be any correlation between satisfaction with telecommunications and satisfaction with IT services overall at this time.

Technology-enhanced classroom equipment and support – Only faculty was asked about aspects of technology-enhanced classrooms. While they indicated high levels of dissatisfaction with this offering, they weren’t as dissatisfied as they were with wireless, clarity around getting help, and the other more universal hot buttons from the survey.

Since the survey was conducted in October we have made a number of improvements that address some of the concerns you have expressed. And thanks to your input, we have identified several key areas to improve upon in the year ahead.

We are committed to improving the customer’s experience by enhancing the services and responsiveness of ITS. Our goal is to continue to provide the best services commensurate with the excellence that SJSU represents.

Thank you very much for your participation. Your feedback is instrumental to our planning process.