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SJSUOne Password

SJSUOne Password Management Gets Refreshed

SJSUOne allows students, faculty and staff, with a single username and password, to access 54 separate applications, including email, online learning and course registration. Improvements to the SJSUOne Account Manager have been made to make your account more manageable. 

Forgotten, lost and expired passwords are now easier to reset than ever

  • Challenge questions are no longer used
  • A personal email address, entered into MySJSU, may now be used to reset your password
  • Your birthdate and last four digits of your Social Security Number will also allow you to reset your password.

New password rules now in place, make it even easier to come up with a new password

Passwords between 8 and 16 characters in length are now more simple to create.

They must contain:

  • One lowercase letter
  • One uppercase letter
  • One number

Passphrases may also be used, allowing you more flexibility in creating your passwords. A passphrase is a sequence of words or other text, like a password, only longer. They are more secure and are easier to remember because you can use real words and phrases. If your passphrase length is between 17 and 28 characters, you can set it to anything you like!

Qualtrics Survey Software

Qualtrics software enables users to do many kinds of online data collection and analysis, including market research, customer satisfaction and website feedback. There is a campus license for all faculty and staff to use Qualtrics. You can log in to the university's site using your SJSUOne ID and password.

An account will be created for you upon your first login and you will be given the option to merge any existing accounts you may have, upon your first log in.

Qualtrics is supported by Academic Technology. If you need assistance, visit Academic Technology. You will find guides for migrating existing accounts and learning resources.