Freshman Orientation

Bursar's Office

The Bursar's Office is gearing up for Frosh Orientation starting the second week in June. We participate in the two day orientations to inform our incoming freshman of resources available to them.

  • Resource Fair - conducted with other student service departments from around campus
  • Parent Panel
  • Informational Sessions - discuss student account management

We've been working since the beginning of May by participating in the transfer student orientations. We look forward to a busy summer!

Risk Management Joins the Budget Office

Because of the financial aspects of Risk Management, our campus Risk Manager, Mark Loftus has joined the University Budget Office. The relocation to Clark Hall will allow Mark to provide greater support for procurement processes that rely on Mark's insurance coordination role. Over the next few months, risk management processes will be reviewed, and we look forward to potential streamlining and customer service enhancements.


As we mentioned in our What's Up? events, upgrades to FTS are in the works. We are pleased to announce that improvements are scheduled to go live in early June.

The overall appearance and function of FTS will remain, but there are some exciting features to look out for.

User Preferences

Searching and navigating for specific codes is now much easier. Instead of scrolling through a list of codes (e.g., account, project, location) to add one to your preference, a criteria field now exists to locate a particular code.

Other useful tools added to this panel include the ability to navigate results from one page to another by using the drop down page tool, and the ability to limit the number of results appearing on a page.

We will let you know when upgrades are officially completed in FTS.