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Spartan Bookstore

Every Tuesday between 7:30am and 6:00pm, from June 11-July 30, Spartan Bookstore will be giving 25% off one clothing item to incoming students at the Freshman Orientations. We will be extending this discount to SJSU employees as well, excluding clearance items.

Summer Dining Hours

Please visit Dining Hours for dining options on campus during the Summer.

Street Eats

Street Eats will be out this Summer with a variety of delicious lunch items hot off the grill!

Visit Street Eats to view our online menu and to find out locations:

Wednesdays, June 5 to August 14

Summer Favorites

Just Below

Celebrate the warmer season with our Summer Drink Specials at Just Below! Sweeten your day with our "Catwoman" drink, a tantalizing mix of black iced tea and peach syrup. Or relax with the "Green Lantern" drink, our green mint lemonade. Compliment any of these refreshing drinks with our California Turkey sandwich, filled with cool, fresh veggies.

On Fourth Cafe

Take a break from work and try our "Call of the Wild" sandwich. With grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, banana peppers and onions. Who says you can't have a summer BBQ in your office?

Student Union Food Court

Looking for something to cool you down? Jamba Juice in the Student Union will be open during the Summer. Make a summer classic "Strawberry Wild" smoothie healthier with a free immunity boost and ask to make it light for 1/3 less carbs, 1/3 less calories, and 1/3 less sugar.


Any of our signature sandwiches can be made into a cool salad. It's a great way to eat light this summer. Lose the bread, but not the flavor!

Market Cafe

A frozen White Mocha is guaranteed to cool you off. Ask for a drizzle of chocolate syrup to add a bit of sweetness to the rest of your work day!

Panda Express

For a healthier option this Summer, try the Broccoli Beef with brown rice! Brown rice is rich with vitamins, fiber and protein.

Spartan Shops Sustainability

Spartan Shops has made major strides in becoming more sustainable. We have recently added two major achievements: a weekly food donation to local organizations and the omission of Styrofoam cups at Jamba Juice locations on campus. Spartan Shops donates food to EHC Lifebuilders and Grace Community Center 2-3 times a week. This Fall all campus Jamba Juice locations will be transitioning to double-walled paper cups. Double-walled cups maintain the quality of the smoothie while eliminating Styrofoam, a non eco-friendly material that pollutes our water sources and permanently stays in our landfills.

Visit Sustainability for more information.