University Police Department

Emergency Preparedness

As Emergency Preparedness evolves, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been encouraging a "Whole Community" approach in preparing, educating and responding to an emergency. FEMA's outreach effort has been extended to Emergency Managers at local levels to include college and universities.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FEMA have created a 171 hour Emergency Managers Academy at their National Emergency Management Center in Emmitsburg, Maryland that identifies the necessary foundation for strong emergency management programs in local jurisdictions.

SJSU has welcomed the opportunity to work closely with the federal government via DHA and FEMA, and we sent our Emergency Coordinator, Yvette Phillips, to obtain this unique training. In addition to first-hand information and set skills, it was a unique opportunity for SJSU to communicate the importance of including Higher Education Institutes in the response and mitigation efforts of the campus and surrounding community.

Yvette is one of a small number of people to have successfully completed the training. This will assist in enhancing our campus readiness and leadership role on campus and in our county. To learn more about how you can become involved in the "Whole Community," contact Yvette Phillips at 408 924-2242.