Information Technology Services

Housing Hot Wire

Housing Hot Wire

One of our goals, through the Next Gen Technology Project, is to increase the network speeds to our students in University Housing. To do this, multiple steps of technology upgrades are required. We've already completed the first steps to provide increased performance to our student residents.

With the improvements to the campus core network, new network paths from University Housing were implemented to increase network throughput from 100mbps to 1gb to the Internet. These paths are isolated from the other campus building network so this increased network utilization has no impact on other network traffic. 

The next step was to increase the network throughput allowed to each resident room which was previously limited to 768kbps. This limit was incrementally increased to a limit of 2mbps where a performance limitation in the building firewall capacity was reached. Student residents now have nearly 3 times improved network speed compared to earlier this semester.

Future changes for the University Housing Network, planned for Summer 2013, include:

  • Increase network paths to allow for 10gbps performance
  • Replace housing firewalls with core network firewalls
  • Increase room network limits to 5mbps

Once these changes have been implemented, the resident network will be considered a real Housing Hot Wire!

SJSU Search Enhancements

SJSU Web Search Engine Enhancements

Web search engines have one goal: Maximize the overlap of search queries (what the user is seeking) and search results (what web links are presented).

Web Services and the Office of Marketing and Communications are making incremental changes to improve the SJSU search engine experience. Changes include improving the search results pages, relevance of search results, integration with word completion tools, and fixing broken links.

Additional changes include consolidating numerous web pages listings. Examples include merging Colleges and Departments in a centralized location, and adding the holiday and payroll calendar to the Calendars page.

Changes are driven by user feedback and search analytics. As we roll out our incremental changes, please continue sending your much appreciated feedback so that we can continue to improve your SJSU search experience.

SJSU Website Update

In the coming months, there will be several updates and improvements to the website. These updates are being made based upon user feedback from the university community, website accessibility requirements and user behavior analysis.

The size of text will be increased in content areas, making it easier to read stories and browse information. Font style updates and text size increases will also be applied to the website's navigation menus to enhance usability and for visual consistency. Our aim is to make it easier and faster for you to find what is most relevant and meaningful.

As with any site update, there will be a site review and testing process beginning later this month. We appreciate your support. For questions and feedback, please visit Website Updates.