University Police Department

Bicycle Enclosure
Bicycle Parking On Campus

The University Police Department is reaching out to the campus community in an effort to eliminate bicycles being illegally locked to railings, benches, trees and fixtures around campus. With the warm weather coming, we are seeing more bicycles coming to campus. Riding a bicycle is fun, great exercise and a good way to save money on transportation costs. Bicyclists are helping to save the environment by reducing traffic, parking congestion and our dependency on fossil fuels. It is also important to remember that bicycles may only be locked in bicycle racks or enclosures for the safety of all.

Bicycles locked against hand rails create a huge safety hazard. They create a trip hazard, especially for those who are visually impaired, and they also prevent access to those who need the handrail to assist them with stairs. In some cases, improperly locked bicycles near the entrance of buildings can partially block fire escape access, putting building occupants at risk in the event of a mass evacuation. 

When bicycles are locked to other items such as trees, benches and fixtures, they not only create a trip hazard, but at times, prevent employees from performing their work, or in some cases, prevent community members from using a bench or a table. 

Our community outreach will include a media release, temporary signage, warning notices and finally impoundment. Bicycles are impounded by either being U-locked at the scene, or having the lock cut off and taken back to UPD for storage. There is a $10 release fee for impounded bikes which must be paid at UPD. 

Bicycles may only be locked to a campus bicycle rack or inside one of the bicycle enclosures. Using the enclosure adds an extra layer of security beyond using a bicycle rack. To gain access to the bicycle enclosures, contact Associated Students Transportation Solutions inside the AS Business Office which is located on the first floor of the Student Union. A $10 deposit is required for use of an electronic access card. This provides unlimited access to any of the bicycle enclosures located around campus.

To help prevent bicycle thefts, the University Police Department recommends the use of a high quality U-style lock and locking both the frame and wheel to a secure bicycle rack. Items such as quick release seats and bags should be taken with you or secured with a cable lock. We also recommend that you register your bicycle through the National Bicycle Registry.

For more information about bicycling on campus, visit SJSU Transportation Solutions.