Facilities Development & Operations

Student Union Opening - Phase One

The student union project is broken into two phases, the first being the addition of the East and West Wing, with the second being the renovation of the existing building. Phase one is very near completion, with departments moving into the East Wing on November 11 and the West Wing on December 19.  

After departments move in, Phase One will be fully operational for the opening of winter semester. The A.S. offices, a computer lab, theater, and other related operations will be located in the East Wing. The West Wing will have the new dining options, ballrooms and temporary space for the Spartan Bookstore. The bookstore will return to the original building once it has been remodeled.

Student Health & Counseling Center Rendering

New Student Health and Counseling Center

For the last month, you may have noticed drilling rigs and a lot of concrete trucks at the site of the new Student Health and Counseling Center. This activity resulted in the drilling and pouring of all the foundation piles. It will be very exciting in the coming weeks as we begin the process of erecting the structural steel. The campus will see the steel go up very quickly due to the use of Moment Frame structure with ConX which provides a quicker, greener, and safer process due to the fact that more work is done at the manufacturing plant, and less work in the field.

PG&E Incentive Award of $532,000

The campus was recently notified that PG&E will be awarding us a $532,000 incentive check for the improvements done to our chiller plant. The project goal was to improve the efficiency of the plant, thereby improving environmental sustainability as well as reducing annual utility costs. The replacement chillers and re-engineering work that was done accomplished all that and more. Over the life of the new chillers, this will reduce the amount of carbon emissions from the campus by 60,000 tons. Additionally, the project will also reduce our electricity usage by the same amount as that used by 700 homes annually. Aside from the positive environmental impacts, the net utility savings to the campus over the life of the project will be approximately $12 million dollars.

3,500 New Restroom Paper Product Dispensers

New paper product dispensers are being installed in all campus restrooms over the next couple of months. Replacing older, less effective units, the new dispensers are not at a cost to the campus. Installation is relatively fast, but we do apologize for any inconvenience in advance.