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University Travel - Enterprise Rental Car Policy Update

Enterprise Car Rental has made a change to the vehicle pick up process for State rentals. In addition to a valid California Driver’s License, travelers must show a second form of identification when picking up a rental vehicle from Enterprise. This second form of identification serves to verify the traveler’s association with the state.

University travelers should be prepared to present their Employee ID card or SJSU business card when renting a vehicle from Enterprise. An authorization letter on San José State letterhead identifying the traveler and approving the individual’s use of Enterprise car rental services is also acceptable.

Enterprise will not honor the discounted state rental rate and may require the traveler to provide their own credit card for payment if a traveler is not able to provide identification which proves association with San José State.

This policy applies to all reservations made with Enterprise, including those made through the University’s official travel agency, Travel Consultants, or the University GoCard.


FTS - Changes for Requesting Access

To simplify the way access is granted in Financial Transaction Services (FTS), Finance and ITS have made some changes to the System Access Request form.

Department IDs

When appropriate, users can now request access to a division, college, or service group. Requesting access in this manner grants the user access to all departments within a specified unit.


Access in FTS is now granted based on roles, each of which contain a specific level of access to the various modules. Additionally, each role is associated with required training in order for access to be granted. New FTS users are required to complete all training associated with the requested role before access is granted. See FTS System Training and Access for more information. The three roles are described below.

Level 1

This level gives the user the ability to create transactions in the modules listed below. It is appropriate for department employees entering transaction requests on behalf of a department.


  • Requisition
  • Direct Payment
  • Employee/Student Reimbursement
Level 2

This level allows the user to create transactions and approve transfers. It is appropriate for department with Level 1 responsibilities as will as those who have budget and position expenditure responsibilities.


  • All modules included for the Level 1 role
  • Transfers
    • Budget Journal
    • Expense Journal
    • Hospitality Payment
    • Interdepartmental Expense Transfer
Approving Official

This level allows the user to approve all transaction types. It is appropriate for management level staff and department chairs who have been granted the authority to approve financial expenditures made on half of the University.


  • All modules included for the Level 1 and Level 2 roles
  • HR Expense Adjustment
  • Travel