University Police Department

University Police Department

The University Police Department utilizes a multi-faceted emergency notification system called AlertSJSU to quickly disseminate information to the campus community in the event of a significant emergency or other situation that poses an immediate threat to the health and safety of the campus community.

Emergency information and instructions are sent utilizing one or more of the following AlertSJSU components.

  • speaker phones in offices and classrooms
  • public address system in King Library
  • speakers in North Garage
  • voice, text and email messages

Students are automatically enrolled, and we recommend that faculty and staff sign up for AlertSJSU by logging into MySJSU. We'd also like to remind you to keep your contact information current.

Emergency notifications sent via text are limited to 160 characters, so instructions will be abbreviated. Messages may be as simple as direction to avoid a particular area, or exercise caution. Some alerts will describe an immediate threat and an order that requires immediate compliance to ensure the best chance for safety. Following are some examples of orders that may be sent.


Evacuate a specific building or area of campus. Leave immediately and seek a safe place.


Find a secure location. Lock and barricade the door if possible and prepare to defend yourself.

Shelter in Place

Stay indoors, remain calm and wait for further instruction

Visit the University Police Department for more information about training and preparing for threatening situations.