Facilities Development & Operations

Campus Safety Walk

Recently, there has been an increased concern regarding campus safety at night. In order to gain a wide range of perspectives and input, the campus organized a campus wide safety walk. The purpose was to have a broad spectrum of campus constituents walk the entire campus at night and provide feedback regarding what they felt were safety concerns. The attendees included three students from AS, three managers from FD&O, an AVP from Student Affairs, the Academic Senate chair, three college deans, and the Chief of Police.

FD&O provided a light meter to measure actual light levels and ensure the campus was up to code. The exercise was a very positive one, with a general consensus that the campus does feel safe, and that light levels and construction fencing were not a safety issue. Although the overall lighting was felt to be sufficient, the group did identify a handful of areas that would benefit from augmented lighting, which FD&O will address. The night time safety walk was a positive exercise that showed the campus was in good shape, but it also helped identify a few options to make it even better.

In August, the campus was awarded an energy project that will retrofit the campus outside lights with high efficiency lighting. The goal is to reduce energy usage by roughly 500,000 kWh, saving money from reduced energy demand while also improving outside lighting to the campus.

Campus Construction Map
Reduced Access between WSQ and YUH

As the campus proceeds with the renovation project to upgrade the Yoshihiro Uchida Hall (YUH) and Spartan Complex (SPX) buildings, additional underground utility work is necessary to support the project. As such, the walkway between Washington Square Hall (WSQ) and YUH will be blocked off over the next couple months to allow for this work to be done in a safe manner. To access 4th street, pedestrians will need to either take Paseo De San Carlos, walk through the WSQ building, or use the walkway between the Science Building and MLK Library. There will be intermittent noise throughout the project, however, it will occur for short periods of time. We apologize for the inconvenience and will try to complete this work as quickly as possible.

Tree removal – Landscape Master Plan and Utility Upgrades

You may remember that last year the campus approved an Landscape Master Plan (LMP) that we will begin implementing this year. Part of the LMP will include the removal of diseased or dying trees, and replacement with healthy and sustainable species.

In addition to the LMP work, underground utility projects, such as that at the east end of SPX, will require the removal of a number of trees that are a safety issue. To mitigate any losses, the campus has a landscape architect on contract to ensure we replace our trees in the most sustainable and appropriate manner to preserve the beauty of our campus.