Partnership with Spartan Bookstore
Finance Partnership with Spartan Bookstore

Last Fall, the Bursar's Office partnered with Spartan Bookstore to allow students to purchase books and supplies on campus and have the charges posted to their student account. We completed our third semester with the program, and the number of students participating has nearly doubled since the start of the program.

For Fall 2012, we had 660 participants with $164,125 in sales. For the Fall 2013 semester we had 1210 participants with $267,990 in sales. 

We have seen a reduction in the number of short term loans that students need to request because of this program, making it much easier for them to purchase the books and supplies they need for classes.

We look forward to continuing this program as a Helping and Caring initiative.

Direct Deposit for Employee Reimbursements

Would you like to get your travel reimbursements quicker and save yourself a trip to the bank? We encourage you to sign up for the Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit, which authorizes Accounts Payable to deposit travel and personal reimbursements directly to your checking account. Employees receiving reimbursements will be notified by email when funds are deposited to their bank account. 

Signing up is easy! Simply fill out the Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit form on the Finance website. Send the completed form along with a voided check to the Accounts Payable Office (extended zip 0042) in a sealed envelope marked confidential.

Your personal bank information is safe and secure, stored in a data center with multiple firewalls around it. Only a limited number of SJSU personnel have access to pages where confidential information is stored and that access is closely monitored.

Note: This program is not connected to Payroll.