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SJSU Wireless Network Update and Plans

With record number of students on campus this semester, we have more than doubled the number of wireless devices on campus since Fall 2012. On an average day this semester, our wireless network supports access of more than 26,000 mobile devices that generate 2,300 GigaBytes of wireless network traffic.

In an ongoing effort to keep up with increasing demand, IT Services is upgrading the campus wireless network on a building-by-building basis through the Fall and Spring. By the start of the Spring 2014 semester, we will have introduced SJSU wireless in the Housing buildings. By the end of the project, we will have tripled the number of wireless access points presently on campus.

The wireless network upgrade will introduce the best in class Cisco wireless access point shown below. These devices will include the new support for the latest wireless protocols including the 802.11A/C standard that supports 450Mbps data rates. This upgrade will enable support for HD video, live video streaming, Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) technology, and advanced information security.


Internet Speed Increased and Wireless Coming to Housing in Spring 2014

ITS has made significant improvements to the Housing network, increasing resident’s Internet speed by about 5 times. Rooms that were previously limited to Internet speeds of 2MB have been upgraded to 10MB speeds. Several upgrades took place including installation of Cisco state-of-the art firewalls utilizing 20GB Internet connection. The firewalls also provide premier security protection to the residents with adaptive security capabilities.

ITS continues to make improvements to the Housing IT services for residents. There is a project underway to upgrade some of the residence halls with new Cisco network equipment, which can allow speeds up to 1GB connections to each room.

Campus wireless is planned for rooms and hallways for the Spring 2014 semester. Cisco Wireless Access Points will be mounted throughout the residence halls. We are currently installing the necessary wiring to connect all the wireless access points and looking forward to turning on the SJSU WiFi in the residence halls soon.

Remote Network 

Remote Network Improvements

To better serve the faculty, staff and students at SJSU off-campus locations, IT Services made improvements to a couple of remote networks.

The Lucas Graduate School of Business holds classes at a leased facility at 2933 Bunker Hill Lane in Santa Clara. This location is connected to the SJSU campus network with a 20Mbps circuit. The connection is now enhanced to enable collaboration applications, supports Cisco wireless, and Unified Communications voice services deployed there.

The leased facility at 210 North 4th Street has housed faculty and staff from the Research Foundation and International & Extended Studies (IES) for several years. The network connection speed to campus was tripled from 6Mbps to 20Mbps. This network performance boost enables more responsive application access, quicker data uploads/downloads, and enables use of collaboration applications.


New Directors in IT Services

IT Services has new directors managing the following services:

Greg Porter

Greg is responsible for directing and leading our Computing Services team. This includes managing campus and vendor resources to provide the following campus services: virtual and physical compute systems, storage systems, and data center operations at both our SJSU & Delta College Data Centers.

Shai Silberman

Shai is responsible for directing and leading our Network Services team. This includes managing campus and vendor resources to provide the following campus services: physical cable plant, wired and wireless network, and network devices and both our SJSU & Delta College Data Centers.

Mitesh Kini

Mitesh is responsible for directing and leading our Administrative Programming team. This includes managing campus and vendor resources to provide the following campus services: CMS/PeopleSoft Programming Support, Financial Transaction System Programming Support, Web application solutions, and system interface support.

Mike Cook

Mike is responsible for directing and leading our Identity, Security and Desktop Services team and serves as our Information Security Officer. This includes managing campus and vendor resources to provide the following campus services: Active Directory, antivirus, vulnerability management, encryption services, the campus workstation refresh program, and assisting the University in its compliance with information security laws and policies.

Check out the current ITS organization chart.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 10th Anniversary

October is the 10th anniversary of National Cyber Security Awareness Month and is an opportunity to engage SJSU’s students, faculty, staff and friends in helping us to maintain a safe, secure, and resilient computing environment.

In today’s world, everyone is responsible for Cybersecurity. New threats are appearing every day and our lives are growing more interconnected. Cybersecurity is now important no matter where you are or what device you are using. IT Services wants to remind you about several things you can do to help stay safe and secure.

  • Get Antivirus Protection – Protecting your devices for viruses is a full time job. Antivirus isn’t just for Windows PC’s anymore, viruses exist for all makes and models! SJSU Antivirus provides links and information about all the latest virus trends. Better yet, it is the place where you can download Sophos Endpoint Protection for your Windows, Mac, and Linux machines for FREE!
  • Look for the Lock – In today’s world “spoofing” or making a malicious web page appear to be the real deal is all too commonplace. The Lock icon in your web browser’s address bar means that the site you are visiting is who they say they are. NEVER put a username or password into a web page that does not have the lock.
  • Think Before you Click – If you're asked for your personal information, your name, your address, or your password, take a careful look before proceeding. Are words misspelled? Is the url in the address bar slightly off (i.e. vs. Is the lock missing from your address bar? Chances are you are on a malicious site!
  • Keep your Passwords Safe – Don’t write down your passwords. Don’t use the same password for all systems. Change your passwords regularly. Use long passwords. Don’t use passwords that can be figured out by looking at your Facebook. Use a Password Vault application, there dozens of secure products available today.
  • Back up your important files – No system is completely secure. It is important to have your files backed up and stored in a safe place, just in case.


iSupport - New Version Available

iSupport is the way SJSU’s students, staff and faculty can get in touch with IT Services, stay informed about computing problems, and get their troubles resolved. Supporting over 25 IT departments and over 65,000 users, SJSU’s iSupport system is used daily by over 100 Information Technology professionals.

iSupport’s latest version allows IT Services a more robust set of tools to route your tickets faster, manage the computers you use every day, share knowledge among technical staff, and make your computing environment better, faster, and smarter. iSupport can now be accessed from mobile devices, tablets, desktops, and social media sites. Anywhere you need help, iSupport is there.

For more information, or to open a ticket visit iSupport.