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Campus-Wide Active Directory
Campus-Wide Active Directory

Another Step Towards One Sign-On Username and Password

Your username and password are the keys you need to connect to SJSU Wireless, check your SJSU Gmail, Peoplesoft, FTS, and many other tools you use in your position. Currently, your password in one place may not necessarily be the same at the next.

IT Services is beginning a campus-wide initiative to eliminate the need for you to remember so many passwords and to make it easier for you to access the services you need. Working with more than 25 IT departments across campus, and the Active Directory experts at Moran Technology Consulting, IT Services is striving to consolidate more than 34 independent directories into a single, robust system.

For students, the new directory will allow them to use a single username and password for everything from checking their position on course waitlists, to logging into the housing lab, to browsing the Internet. 

IT Services is excited to deliver this enhanced service to campus. It is an opportunity to collaborate with all the IT professionals across campus and to work with the team that literally wrote the book on Active Directory design.