Accounting Services

Effective January 20, 2014, our Accounting Services Office has been reorganized.  Check out the summary of our team-based structure of the Accounting Services Office for more information.

The team-based concept was designed to increase efficiency, improve communication and provide better customer service. We've appointed team leads to help accomplish this goal.

The Fund Team is led by Regina Villanueva. The fund team members specialize in particular funds, such as Financial Aid, Federal Work Study, Operating Funds, General Funds, Housing and Parking.

The Services Team handles bank reconciliations, investment accounts, billing and chargebacks, and is led by Juanitz Ceniza.

The Student Financials Team is led by Shirley Wen. This team is responsible for Student Financial System payments, adjustments and accounts assignment.

Additionally, we have a Plant Accounting Team, led by Trang To. With the assistance of Daisy Phan, this team handles the accounting for all of our Capital Assets.

In the next a few months, we look forward to also transitioning the Accounts Payable Unit to the Accounting Services Office.

Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2014

The California State University standard mileage rate for business travel occurring on or after January 1, 2014 will decrease from 56.5 cents per mile to 56 cents per mile. Miles driven for moving purposes will be reimbursed at 23.5 cents per mile, decreased from 24 cents per mile.

The FTS Travel module has been updated to reflect the current mileage rate.

Spartan Bookstore Partnership

The partnership with the Spartan Bookstore, which allows students to purchase books and supplies and have those charges added to their student account, has been very successful. For the 2012-2013 academic year, the first year for the program, students purchased almost $300,000 books and supplies. For the Fall 2013 semester alone, students purchased approximately $267,000 in books and supplies. It appears that we are on our way to almost doubling sales. Prior to the start of this semester, students had already purchased over $45,000 worth of books and supplies.