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SJSU Portal
SJSU Portal

IT Services (ITS) is working with a campus committee to identify and implement SJSU Portal technology that aligns with Vision 2017. The goal is to make it easier for SJSU students, faculty and staff to navigate teaching, learning, and administrative tasks.

Each SJSU system currently requires a separate login. The SJSU Portal will provide a single sign-on allowing access to relevant information and applications services appropriate to one's role at SJSU. Additionally, navigation will be made easier through customized and personalized views within the portal environment.

The pilot phase of the SJSU Portal will provide single sign-on to applications such as PeopleSoft, Canvas, WebEx, Google apps and other SJSU applications along with targeted personalized messaging.

Ideally, the SJSU portal will increase student engagement, making it easier for students and faculty to communicate and collaborate, find instructional resources and streamline administrative tasks.

SJSU Mobile
SJSU Mobile Apps

IT Services (ITS) is working with a campus committee to identify and implement SJSU mobile applications that integrate with PeopleSoft, Canvas, Google apps, other campus information application and developed apps.

The initial focus of the mobile apps will be on personalized integrated access to PeopleSoft with direct jumps to specific areas of use (e.g. Student Enrollment (add/drops), Class schedule for students, class rosters for faculty, integration with Canvas, informational apps such as directory search, campus events, WebEx, Google apps, and others).

The Portal and Mobile initiatives will provide SJSU with strategic building blocks that support self-service across the SJSU community.

Happy Next Gen New Year!!!

The Next Gen Technology Project was very busy over the Winter Break providing enhanced technology resources to campus. The work completed is outlined below.

Network Switch Updates

Network Switch updates will enable increased network speeds. Buildings completed were:

  • Student Union West
  • Child Development Center (in CCB)
  • Corp Yard
  • Engineering
  • MacQuarrie Hall

Wifi logo
WiFi Network Updates

WiFi Network updates will enable increased access and throughput. The campus WiFi now has 3 times more coverage and 10 times more capacity when compares to last spring. The new technology has been deployed, thus far, in all core campus buildings except the Martin Luther King Library and Tower Hall. WiFi was also introduced for the first time in Campus Village and the residence halls.

New SJSU Phone
Unified Communications Deployment

Unified Communications Deployment enables sophisticated communication for campus employees. Buildings completed were:

  • Washington Square
  • Dudley Moorhead
  • Instructional Resource Center
  • Child Development Center