Facilities Development & Operations

Project Updates

Student Health Center
Student Health Center Project

The SHC is moving along very well and we expect the building skin to start being installed very soon.  The projected completion date for this project is January 2015.

Student Union Project

Phase One of the Student Union Building is projected to be completed in the next two months, after which the remodel of the existing building will begin.

SPX/YUH - Seismic Upgrade and Renovation

Phase One of this project is expected to be completed this summer, with Phase Two being completed Summer 2015.

Campus Village 2 - New Student Dormitories

The campus is expecting to break ground on the new 850 bed student dormitory this June. This project is expected to take two years to complete, after which we will demolish two of the older dormitories. 

Recreation and Aquatic Center

Once the new dormitory is complete, two of the older dorms will be torn down and construction will begin on the new Recreation & Aquatic Center.

Construction Fencing
Campus Construction Projects - Fencing

Progress on our campus construction projects is very exciting, but does come with the inconvenience of barriers and fencing. We greatly appreciate your patience during the campus construction.