IT Services

IT Help Desk
Merging IT Help Desks

The Housing Help Desk, the ITSS Help Desk, and the CMS Help Desk have been integrated into one central help desk, now known as the IT Help Desk. IT Services now makes finding computing solutions that much easier. In addition, we provide extended service hours and resources to the campus community.

About the New IT Help Desk

The IT Help Desk is focused on providing the most effective and efficient IT support to all users of our applications, systems and services. Support includes:

  • Account support (ID, password, system access)
  • Computing support (desktop, browsers, downloads)
  • Google app support (SJSU Email, Google Drive, Google Groups)
  • Finance database support (CFS, FTS)
  • Internet support (Wired or Wi-fi)
  • Phone, TV, and/or Video support (WebEx, VideoShare, Lecture Capture)
  • Website support (Administrative Applications, OU Campus, Blogs, Event Calendar)

For technical assistance, please contact us:

IT Help Desk
(408) 924-1530


7:30am to 4:30pm
Closed weekends and holidays

We still provide the following assistance as well:

Housing Help Desk

The Housing Help Desk provides a hands-on computer lab and in-person technical assistance to students in campus housing. The Housing Help Desk is located in the Campus Village Computer Lab (Building B, 1st floor)

Academic Technology Computer Center

The ATCC provides a hands-on computer lab and in-person technical assistance to students and the campus community. The ATCC is located in the Academic Success Center (Clark Hall, 1st floor)

Next Up for Next Gen

Through the Next Gen Technology Project, IT Services continues its deployment of enhanced technology resources to campus.

Network Switches

Network Switch updates enable increased network speeds. The following buildings were recently completed:

  • Clark Hall
  • Student Services Center
  • Moss Landing Marine Labs