IT Services

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Workstation Refresh

During its first year, IT Services has worked in conjunction with all campus IT departments to bring the Workstation Refresh Program to campus. A number of new services have been delivered to campus, including the installation of new equipment for every university-owned computer lab.

In addition to hardware refresh on campus, the program is providing the following new services.

Virtual desktops

This system will soon allow students to connect to their labs from anywhere, even from home on a personal computer

Patch and workstation management

This service keeps computers up to date with the latest patches and updates. 

Active Directory

This service keeps your information safe and easy to access with the same secure password for all computers and applications.

Migration tools

These tools help make the job of using these new services easier for your IT Services support staff.

Next year, through the Workstation Refresh Program, we look forward to bringing the latest in technology to the computers used every day by SJSU's faculty and staff.