University Police Department

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UPD Receives Grant

The University Police Department received a $255,000 grant from the State of California Governor's Office of Emergency Services. The grant will cover the cost of replacing all three 9-1-1 public safety answer point (PSAP) positions at UPD with a modern IP telephone system that prepares us for the move to digital "Next Gen" 911 in a few years.

The Cassidian Vesta 4.2 system will work hand in hand with the new Cisco VoIP phone system being installed across campus. Five years of 24/7 service for the system is included in the grant, providing no cost 911 equipment to the university community.

The grant also included a mapping component that will provide the police dispatchers with the location of any 9-1-1 caller. This will allow for a more efficient response to some emergencies.

The IP system will allow the department to create a remote answering site in the event the UPD Building becomes uninhabitable due to a disaster.

Once the new system is installed this summer, UPD will begin the planning phase for accepting 9-1-1 cellular calls and possibly even accept 9-1-1 text messages.