IT Services

Wi-Fi Update

IT Services is working to continually improve the wireless (Wi-Fi) services on campus. Our goal is to make it easier and safer for students, faculty and staff to connect and use the Wi-Fi network on campus.

Over the past year, IT Services has worked to more than double the Wi-Fi coverage on campus, while dramatically increasing the speed of our network. We are pleased to announce several important changes coming this summer that will impact the way we connect to the campus Wi-Fi network.

  • SJSU_Premier is the fastest and most secure way for students, faculty and staff to connect to Wi-Fi, and you don't need to type your password each time. If you aren't already using SJSU's Premier Wi-Fi, visit our Wireless Network website to get connected.
  • SJSU-Guest is a new service, offering an easy way for anyone to connect to Wi-Fi. Guests can very easily connect to this network by telling us a little bit about themselves. This is a reduced speed service, but is still great for friends, colleagues and conference guests visiting SJSU for a short time. It does not allow video streaming.
  • SJSU_My Devices is a new service, provided solely to University Housing which allows students to connect home devices like Apple TV, Playstation, Roku, and Xbox to Wi-Fi.

With the introduction of new services, and to ensure their best performance, SJSU_Campus will be retired on Monday August 4th. As a reminder, there are no personal routers allowed on campus.

If you have any trouble getting connected to Wi-Fi, find a dead zone, or have any questions, please email the IT Help Desk, or call us at (408) 924-1530. IT Services is here to support you. We will help you get connected!

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber allows you to collaborate anywhere, on any device. As part of the Cisco Phone system upgrade, Cisco Jabber is available to all faculty and staff. It's part of the Cisco collaboration platform and can be loaded onto any computer running Windows or Mac OS. Cisco Jabber allows users to:

  • Receive and make voice phone calls
  • Receive and make video calls
  • Listen to voicemail and manage the voice mailbox
  • Join or start a WebEx session with 1-click
  • Communicate via instant messages with other users

Everything you can do from your desk phone, can be done while you're mobile using campus Wi-Fi. On your desktop, Cisco Jabber can still enhance the way your interact with your phone, check voicemails and connect to meetings.

With the planned implementation of enhanced Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology this Fall, these functions will be available via external Internet connections and on other mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Check out Jabber Tutorials for more information and and videos. If you'd like to have it installed on your computer, please contact the IT Help Desk at (408) 924-1530.

Cisco Phone
Can You See Me Now?

The Cisco Unified Communications telephones have been deployed to over half of campus users thus far. The video features can help us to collaborate with each other and become more engaged.

The project team is continuing with the installation each week and plans to have it complete by the end of this year. Please visit Unified Communication System for the current schedule.