Annual Budget

The Annual Budget Report FY 2014/15 is now available on the Annual Budget Reports website.

Join us for a budget presentation with a Q&A session.

Monday, November 10
King Library 225/227

Executive Travel Audit Results

As a result of a systemwide risk assessment, the Board of Trustees called for an Executive Travel Audit to be conducted by the Office of Audit and Advisory services. San Jose State University was selected as the first campus to undergo the audit which was conducted during April and May of this year. A detailed explanation is available in the Travel Reminders section of the Finance What's Up? presentation. Some important traveler responsibilities are listed below:

Travel Authorizations

  • Travel Authorizations must be completed and maintained.
  • They must be approved by the appropriate person.

Conflict of Interest Reporting

  • When travel is paid for by third parties, they may be subject to conflict-of-interest reporting on the annual statement of economic interests form.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure reporting is accurate and complete.

Directly Billed Travel Expenses

  • Travel reimbursement claims should include any pre-paid expenses made by the university, such as airline or rental car expenses.

Travel Expenditures

  • Itemized receipts must be submitted for reimbursable expenses of $25.00 or more. Receipts must indicate what was purchased, as well as how it was paid.
  • Travel expense reimbursements should be submitted within 30 days following the end of a trip.
  • Lodging expenses should not exceed the in-state and out-of-state lodging rate of $175.00. For lodging expenditures above this cap, a business justification must be provided and it must be pre-approved.
  • When personal days are used while on business travel, the number of days must be specified on the authorization and reimbursement. This reporting should match your absence reporting.
  • Transportation expenses shall be reimbursed based on the most economical mode of transportation.
  • Travel expense reimbursements, like authorizations, must be approved by the appropriate approving official.
  • An explanation of the business reason should accompany change or cancellation to travel arrangements