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Food Insecurity
Student Food Resources

A recent Health Center survey found that at least one third of SJSU students are sometimes skipping meals due to cost.

Working closely with campus partners, Spartan Shops is helping to fight student food insecurity. Our website provides information and resources for students dealing with food and hunger challenges. Please share this link with SJSU students in your department and encourage staff members to refer those in need to our site as a resource.

Please check back regularly for updates about on-campus resources.

Erase Waste
Sustainability Update

Erase Waste

Our Erase Waste team has been working hard to help reduce customer food waste in the Dining Commons. This semester, we will be educating students on the impact that uneaten food has on the environment, how to reduce over-portioning and how eating healthier portions can benefit the body and improve overall wellness.

Our goal is to erase customer waste by 5% by the end of the fall semester. Visit our Erase Waste Wall in the Dining Commons for more details and the status of the campaign.

Petaluma Poultry

To reduce our carbon footprint, Spartan Shops sources local produce as much as possible. Now we are also sourcing locally grown and certified sustainable poultry from Petaluma Poultry. In addition to being sustainable, the chicken from Petaluma Poultry is free-range, antibiotic-free, hormone-fee and always 100% vegetarian fed, with no animal byproducts or animal fats.

Mug Discount

Don't forget you can save greens while being green! Every time you use your own reusable mug or bottle at our on-campus eateries, you get 50 cents off your beverage purchase.

Street Eats
Street Eats - New Menus

Street Eats will be grilling up new and exciting menus for the fall semester! Every week when you visit Street Eats, you'll find (and smell) a delicious selection of three entree items, all with a twist. Enjoy three versions of a Po' Boy sandwich, three spins on a grilled cheese sandwich, three styles of street tacos and three ethnic flavors of specialty hot dogs.

Check out the Street Eats weekly schedule, locations and menus.


Team Team 2

Spartan Pride Thursdays

Here at Spartan Shops, being a proud Spartan is an important factor in delivering great customer service, providing quality products and displaying our pride in the San Jose State community.

Take a look at how our Spartan Shops team members celebrate Spartan Pride Thursdays!